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Want to build a mobile app? Find out which device you should build on

Businessman with smartphones and colorful apps

The Android vs. iPhone debate has raged on for a while, and there seems to be no conclusive evidence as to which is better. For developers who’re looking to expand their mobile presence with a native app, this could lead to possible confusion in choosing the right platform.

Here we’re bringing out a few reasons as to why an Android device scores over an iPhone and why it’s a better development choice:

#1: Selection

When it comes to Android, the choices are limitless, making it easier for users to buy something that’s tailored to their requirements. This prompts more users into buying these devices as opposed to iPhone.

#2: Personalization:

It seamlessly integrates third party apps and offers customization levels that cannot be competed with by iOS devices.

#3: Hardware capabilities:

To build feature rich applications, it is vital to have access to astounding hardware capabilities. Android fares well on this front, with even the lowest end smartphones coming loaded with rich hardware specs.

#4: Play Store rules:

Submitting an app to Play Store and getting it published is a lot easier than going through iOS’ stringent guidelines. You can be denied entry into the Apple store upon the slightest violation of its guidelines making Google’s App store the better option.

#5: Multitasking and home screen

Multitasking is easier on Android devices. In addition, it allows the addition of widgets and most-used apps on the home screen which keeps users constantly in view of their favorite apps. This feature favors app developers who’ve got the chance to get their app on the home screen of their users.

#6: Durability:

Most Android devices are made of tough poly-carbonate in contrast to the aluminum based body of iOS devices. Longer life means a significant number of people will continue to use it, making it a promising platform for app development.

#7: Easy development

Because of the rising popularity of Android, it’s simpler to find developers well-versed with the SDK than it is to find developers for iOS applications.

Make the better choice and choose an Android device. Cheaper, better and more functional, it’s the better of the two and is also a good choice for Native App Development.



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