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Why Developing Apps on Qt is Easier and Faster through V-Play?


Making mobile applications can be done on multiple programming languages and frameworks. Prominent software among those is the Qt platform, which is used by an estimated one million software professionals worldwide.

Among the numerous development tools that can make the job of building applications in this software easier, one among them is V-play. This is a cross-platform tool built out of the Qt infrastructure, which allows for creating mobile apps as well as applications in Windows and desktop devices.

The processor uses a mixture of QML and JavaScript, making it ideal for building animations and feature-rich applications. Applications developed by it can be deployed on a multiple platforms ranging from Android to iOS with a design and appearance appropriated precisely for each platform. Listed below are some of the advantages of this software combination.

Points to Note:

1. V-Play allows users to build applications on its groundwork for free, and provides support, assistance and other features on a monthly or yearly paid package.

2. Apps built using V-Play can also be done in partnership with Qt Creator, an integrated development environment that aids with many processes from code-writing to debugging.

3. V-Play comes with a host of integrated Qt elements, offering facilities for connectivity, shader effects, multimedia and more.

4. The tool allows developers to foresee their final-product as configured on different platforms. This emulation facility enables you to glimpse what your app looks like on an iPhone or a tablet, etc.

5. The development tool is designed to automatically run on multiple devices without the need to re-configure or any more technicalities.

Benefits of Developing on the Qt Platform through V-Play

1. This combination is user friendly and easy-to-handle, allowing developers with a relatively narrow software background to be able to use it.

2. This process is credited with being less time-consuming than many others, and also the most efficient at reaching the end-result desired.

Developing applications, for Android as well as iOS, is made significantly more productive through V-Play and the use of the Qt framework. The developing process is a science unto itself, and more than having the right tools, one needs to master the art to do it right.

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