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Best Practices for Accepting Social Login on a Mobile App

First-time downloaders rarely have the patience needed to create a new account and enter all their personal details while using a new app. Many developers get around this reluctance by giving users the option of a social media login – using their social media credentials to gain full access to the application.

If you’re about to add a social login to the app, here are some best practices you need to follow for best results:

Pick Top Three Networks

Don’t offer more than three social media login options. Offering more than that is not only a major headache – regarding data storage – but the login panel also ends up looking cluttered. Pick three options that your users are likely to use, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Don’t Ask For Too many ‘Permissions.’

Don’t immediately ask users for permission to post on their walls or for access to their friend’s list – users are likely to abandon your product. Instead, just settle for basic information like username, password, and location. Later, when they have interacted with your app for a while and trusted it/your company more, you can ask for more access.  

Give Them an Incentive to Log In

Always give them an incentive to log in. That means that when they open your product for the first time, provide them with a sneak peek of the main screen and place a floater login window on top. That makes them want to give you their info quickly so that they can get access to the screen fast.

Don’t Embed in a Web View

The WebView allows users to access their login without leaving the application, by opening up a browser window. Not all users will have dedicated applications, though, so it’s better not to implement this feature.

Let Them Log Out Quickly

Finally, always let your users log out easily. Make the logout button prominent. Even if your app supports push notifications and you want them always to stay logged in, a logout option is essential for both security reasons and convenience.

You can always get this functionality added to your app by hiring a mobile app development team to do it for you at an affordable price.   


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