Indisputable facts that make DotNET the best platform for business

Enterprise applications across the globe are today witnessing an existential crisis. With new startups and services emerging over the horizon, enterprises are increasingly pressured to maintain their technological edge to ward off threats. With the demand for new and robust platforms on the rise, Dotnet offers the right solution for businesses to build effective web applications that suit their needs.

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Key advantages it offers compared to other languages

    1. Interoperability: .NET does not depend on any particular programming language for development and extends support for development on several programming languages. This makes it highly accessible to a global talent pool of developers.
  1. Cloud support: Thanks to Microsoft Azure, .NET applications have a high degree of cloud compatibility with no major modification required. This makes it easy for legacy applications to be ported to the cloud and also offers a great degree of scalability.
  2. Cross-platform support: .NET applications are compatible across platforms such as smartphones, desktops, and tablet PCs. This is particularly important in the era of BYOD work culture where businesses are investing in enterprise apps that work across devices to improve interactivity amongst employees.
  3. Multi-tiered software architecture: .NET provides users the functionality to build separate functions for data management, presentation and storage thereby bringing in great flexibility when it comes to integrating a new app or adding a new layer of code.
  4. Large community: The global community of .NET developers is vast with several thousand developers actively working on plugins and add-ons. This makes it quite easy for businesses to expedite the development of apps by leveraging readily available modules.
  5. Easy to Maintain Platform: The ease of maintenance is a major benefit offered by Dotnet. Due to its high flexibility, modifying code on the platform becomes simple. As it also supports code re-usability, the effort required to maintain and revamp the platform is quite low.

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Payment Gateway

Why should you integrate the right Payment Gateway for your Business?

As we progress towards cashless economies, the onus will be on businesses to develop methods that enable their clientele to pay in a seamless and secure manner. This is where payment gateways can make an impact. In the age of eCommerce, payment gateway services is an essential exercise that all businesses must undertake. While these mechanisms are a way to accept payments over the internet, the benefits they offer to businesses is often unsaid.

Secure Payment Development - Merchant Solution

Important benefits that integration or payment gateway development will bring to your business:

  • Fraud Prevention: Fraud is a major component associated with online payments. Paying through the internet always has risk attached to it. However, payment gateways reduce this risk considerably thanks to several layers of security that ensure secure transactions.
  • Data security compliance: The new versions of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) are comprehensive and ask for several important validation requirements. Online portals can fulfill these requirements without any trouble.
  • Aids in Data analytics: They offer easy ways to keep track of transactions via payment portals. By integration, all information about transactions can be captured on a spreadsheet and the same can be used for data analytics.
  • Chargeback management: Chargeback is a major menace in the credit card industry. With the rise in the volume of transactions, the number of fraudulent or incorrect transactions has also increased. Gateways make it easy to prevent these with several features such as OTP generation and two-factor authentication.
  • Multiple payment methods: Today consumers demand several options when it comes to online payments. Some customers choose credit/debit cards while others opt for eWallets and Cash-on-delivery while paying for services. Payment gateway integration brings all of these into a single payment network.
  • Global Reach: This offers benefits to users from across the globe as they can now carry out checkout process from anywhere with these portals. This makes it easy for businesses to offer their services and product offerings in several international markets and receive payments in a seamless manner.

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Website Development

Boosting Website Traffic can amplify your Sales this Festive season. Know how?

It’s the first week of November and the festivities have already started, for the Holiday Season is here and with it comes the shopping frenzy! It is that time of the year when all over North America, shoppers go picking up as many deals and discounts as they can. Retailers are equally excited by this season as the cold weather and the holiday mood sets off buyers into overdrive and they make huge volumes of purchases.

Boostup your Website for this Holiday Season

However, in recent years, the shopping patterns of shoppers are measured not in terms of footfalls but in terms of eyeballs. This is because the age of eCommerce is finally here and customers these days are embracing the online model of shopping.

If you are a retail business gearing up for the holiday season, then your plan should be to boost traffic for your website in the festive season, which can fetch you increased sales. This is essential for the following reasons:

1) Brand Reputation and Visibility: By developing an eCommerce website, businesses can focus on improving the visibility of their brand. Today most customers do their research about products on the internet. By opening an online store, retail establishments can furnish all the details about them and increase the visibility of the brand on the internet.

2) Increases Conversion: In an age where time is an invaluable commodity, shoppers do not have the luxury to spend hours on window shopping. For such consumers, eCommerce websites offer the luxury of window shopping and researching right from the comfort of their homes. Inadvertently, this also leads to an increase in the desirability of the product and its purchase.

3) Integration with Social Media: Social Media is a powerful tool for businesses to increase their brand value and appeal. By integrating user accounts and purchases with social media, eCommerce businesses can incentivize customers who talk about their brand on social media sites. This is a win-win for both businesses and customers, as businesses benefit from sales increase through promotions.

4) Optimized Marketing spends: As eCommerce requires individual logins and user accounts, several vital information about users, and their preferences can be gathered and can be used to personalize marketing campaigns for individual users. This prevents relentless bombardment of irrelevant marketing content and increases the chances of conversion.

Whether you want to sell close to home or worldwide, embracing eCommerce is the right way to boostup the holiday sales. Get expert assistance in this regard from Openwave Computing, the leading eCommerce web development company in New York.


Benefits of adopting a Magento-powered eCommerce portal

It’s the fag end of the year and we are almost close to the holiday season. The annual holiday season which kicks off with the Thanksgiving in the last week of November is now less than a month away. With the shopping spree that precedes the holiday season, businesses always have to prepare themselves to accommodate the hordes of online shoppers who look to make use of the best offers of the holiday season and make several purchases. With this being the case, it is vital that eCommerce sites provide an efficient and hassle-free shopping experience in order to gladden their customer base and also boostup holiday sales.

eCommerce Web Development Services - Holiday Boostup

Few tips to follow on your Magento store to improve your sales this Festive Season

1) Optimize for Mobile

Today more users log onto internet from their mobiles rather than from their desktops. Hence, it is important that retailers consider the same while designing their web pages. Bold typefaces that are prominently visible on small screens can help increase sales.

2) Ensure that pages load quickly

Internet traffic during the festive season can be quite high. This coupled with increased loads on servers can lead to websites that load slowly. This is a major inconvenience that could cause user interest to drop. Hence, it is essential that retailers ensure that their websites load quickly by allying with reputed online store development experts.

3) Brace for high volumes

The holiday season is always characterized by a high volume of customers that throng the eCommerce websites to scout for deals and make the best of the offers in place. Websites should brace for such high volumes and look towards making the shopping experience effective. By segmenting the web pages carefully, websites can distribute traffic effectively and ensure that unexpected shutdowns do not become a frequent occurrence.

4) Integrate social media

Social media is the biggest playground for marketing. By running effective campaigns on social media, businesses can see several-fold increase in their site traffic and boostup holiday sales. By partnering with a reputed website developer, social media can be integrated effectively.

5) Simplify the checkout process

Simplifying the checkout process during online store development and making it intuitive can help businesses see a drop in bounce rates and increase the average number of checkouts. This helps in increasing the ROI per customer.

To implement the aforementioned tips into the revamping of website ahead of the holiday season, get in touch with reputed Magento development services in New York.

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10 Incredible Features of Google Maps that you Probably didn’t Know

Mobile GPS navigation concept. Smartphone and application with r

The most well-known and oft-used mobile application that’s installed on your Android phone by default has to be Google Maps. From helping you get to a new place in town to giving you updates on traffic and weather conditions, over the years, the Android app has grown to become an indispensable part of our lives. Its continuous evolution with time is remarkable, and Google has certainly outdone itself by adding plenty of cool features along the way.

Here’s a list of ten amazing features that you probably didn’t know your favorite navigation app had:

#1 Add Stops to Your Trip:

Yes, you can! Tap the three dots on the top right corner and select “Add stop”. Search for the stops you’re likely to make and select from gas stations, ATMs, restaurants, etc.

#2 Navigate through Buildings

Do you sometimes find yourself lost within a large building? Google Maps has a solution! Some of the famous venues in the USA are all listed on the Android app.

#3 View the Inside of Places

There are a few locations that carry a 360-degree icon (For ex: Metropolitan Museum of Art). Tap on it to see a full image of the building’s interior. You can also access Street View to see how the exterior looks.

#4 Catch a Train

Type your destination and choose the train icon to get a full list of details on the departure and arrival time of trains.

#5 Save Favorite Places

Set favorites by tapping on the star icon for quick access to places you frequent the most. Choose “Your Places” to access the saved locations.

#6 Offline Maps

Maybe you’re traveling somewhere where there’s no internet connectivity. What if you get lost somewhere? Luckily, Google’s mobile application comes with a feature to save maps for offline use. Tap the mic and say “OK Maps” to save the current map on your Android’s screen.

#7 Hiking and Skiing Trails

Consider yourself an adventurist? If so, Google’s hiking and skiing trails will help you explore without the fear of getting lost. Trial maps are available only for major destinations in the US.

#8 Avoid Paying Tolls

Instead of taking a route where you’ll have to pay a toll, you can ask Google Maps to show you free access routes. Tap “Route Options” and toggle “tolls” off.

#9 Voice Navigation Through Car Speakers

Go to menu à Settings àNavigation settings àPlay as Bluetooth Phone call to activate this feature in your car.

#10 Remember Parking Location

If you tend to forget where you parked your car, then this is for you. Select the blue dot that represents your location, and then choose ‘Set as parking location.’ You can now find your back to it quickly.

These are some incredible features of Google Maps you should explore. If you’re building a similar navigation mobile application, make sure you set these features as your benchmark to develop on. Consult mobile app developers in New York for more details.

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Breaking Down the Myths and Realities in Mobile App Development

Network with his mobile phone

Entrepreneurs around the world are viewing mobile apps as a lucrative avenue and a potential catalyst for success. You might’ve heard of Facebook’s story of starting out as a small-time college project and visualized yourself achieving something similar. But how far do you go to make that vision a reality? Many fail to realize the effort, resources and the time that’s involved in transforming an idea into a booming business.  The misconceptions are many, and that’s the reason why most development projects never take off or worse, never succeed in the market space.

In this article, we’ll explore what’s fact and fiction when it comes to developing mobile applications to help entrepreneurs get a clear picture of the industry:

All about App Development

 Scalable, functional and quality apps can be built quickly – or can they? An increasing number of entrepreneurs believe this to be a fact when in actuality; it can’t be further than the truth. This false propaganda was possibly perpetuated by companies that sell DIY builders, promising results that are highly misleading

Costs Involved are Fixed:

No, it’s not always the case, at least not with most mobile app development companies. With several companies mushrooming across the world, the emphasis of adequate research is lost amidst the noise. As a result, most tend to realize the requirement of mission-critical features that need to be added towards the end and spike the initially promised application development cost.

Ill-Defined Logic

An aspect to consider is how you market the app once it’s released. Applications that have attained measurable success are not taken out of marketing, but in fact, it is vital to strengthen the marketing strategy as the popularity soars. Several entrepreneurs fail to think long-term and struggle with laying out a proper roadmap. For instance, Uber, although successful is actually losing money with its current business model.

Being Realistic Yields Realistic Results

Yes, it is important to know what you’re getting into, know how much you’ll have to spend and everything it takes to build a successful product. True, that a few ideas can be developed with limited resources, but that’s always the case. Don’t ask for an app like Snapchat built with a few tweaks for less than $1000 – that’s just unrealistic and impossible. Set realistic goals to achieve results.

Discerning the myth from the rest is essential to developing a mobile app with the right elements. Work with skilled mobile app developers in New York, who know exactly how the industry operates, provide accurate estimates and can build an application that stands a cut above the rest. Want to know more? Call Openwave!

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Want to build a mobile app? Find out which device you should build on

Businessman with smartphones and colorful apps

The Android vs. iPhone debate has raged on for a while, and there seems to be no conclusive evidence as to which is better. For developers who’re looking to expand their mobile presence with a native app, this could lead to possible confusion in choosing the right platform.

Here we’re bringing out a few reasons as to why an Android device scores over an iPhone and why it’s a better development choice:

#1: Selection

When it comes to Android, the choices are limitless, making it easier for users to buy something that’s tailored to their requirements. This prompts more users into buying these devices as opposed to iPhone.

#2: Personalization:

It seamlessly integrates third party apps and offers customization levels that cannot be competed with by iOS devices.

#3: Hardware capabilities:

To build feature rich applications, it is vital to have access to astounding hardware capabilities. Android fares well on this front, with even the lowest end smartphones coming loaded with rich hardware specs.

#4: Play Store rules:

Submitting an app to Play Store and getting it published is a lot easier than going through iOS’ stringent guidelines. You can be denied entry into the Apple store upon the slightest violation of its guidelines making Google’s App store the better option.

#5: Multitasking and home screen

Multitasking is easier on Android devices. In addition, it allows the addition of widgets and most-used apps on the home screen which keeps users constantly in view of their favorite apps. This feature favors app developers who’ve got the chance to get their app on the home screen of their users.

#6: Durability:

Most Android devices are made of tough poly-carbonate in contrast to the aluminum based body of iOS devices. Longer life means a significant number of people will continue to use it, making it a promising platform for app development.

#7: Easy development

Because of the rising popularity of Android, it’s simpler to find developers well-versed with the SDK than it is to find developers for iOS applications.

Make the better choice and choose an Android device. Cheaper, better and more functional, it’s the better of the two and is also a good choice for Native App Development.